Thad Senior Pictures – Tecumseh, Okla

If you follow my page on Facebook, then you know a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing one of my little brothers’ senior pictures. It was a BLAST! And as I was editing them, I really realized just how grown up he is. Needless to say, I was SHOCKED! And started to […]

Michelle: Mommy to Be – Tecumseh, Okla.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of shooting a couple who are expecting their first little one. A little boy! Isn’t that so exciting for them?! He is due to come into our world right around Halloween, and that couldn’t be more perfect for Michelle and Eric because Halloween is their favorite holiday […]

Ava – Taking Over the World One Smile at a Time – Broken Arrow, Okla.

Last week I gave a sneak peek for Miss Ava, who is turning one in October! If you missed it look HERE. I finished up her session and just cannot get over how adorable she is. And she is such a natural and so photogenic. I wish I had 1/16 her cuteness and raw talent. […]

Someone’s Turning One – Broken Arrow, Okla.

If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know I don’t get the opportunity to capture the adorableness of a lot of kids. The people I know and that refer me just don’t have young children yet or their young-uns are all grown up. So when a mother approached me to photograph an […]

Impromptu Baby Shoot – Tecumseh, Okla.

A few weeks ago we had a birthday/coming home party for my oldest younger brother. We had family over, we swam, ate DELICIOUS food {have I said anything about how LUCKY I am to have such amazing cooks on all sides of my family?}, and there was the perfect opportunity for a wonderful little photoshoot […]

Small Town, Big Love – Tecumseh, Okla

I had the pleasure of shooting my Dad and step-mom a few weekends ago, and we had such a blast! They have such wonderful personalities and we even got photobombed by the dogs, which if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you’ve seen one of those pictures :-).  Speaking of Facebook, if you haven’t […]

Summer Fun – Tecumseh, Okla.

So, I don’t know about where you are all from but around here everyone works hard to get “swimsuit ready” for summer. Sure, I know we should probably stay this way all year round, and kudos to those of you who do, like the beautiful woman featured today. But if you’re like me you find […]

The Mirror

This week I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to get a little personal, and if that bothers any of you, then I’m sorry. But not sorry enough to not post it. Photography for me is all about seeing the beauty the world provides and trying to capture it. In nature, this […]

Lifestyle Photography

Today I have a wonderful treat for you all! We have the beautiful and amazingly talented Lisa Lemmons-Powers on the blog to teach you all a little about lifestyle photography. She is based out of Tennessee and focuses mostly on all types of family photography. Be sure and check out her work here and her […]

Beautiful World – Tecumseh, Oklahoma

This week was a little slow for me. Now that I’m mostly settled in I’m focusing on my clients and on trying to find a job to supplement my income until I can build up that base. This has left me with few models to shoot lately, my brother isn’t much to want to jump […]

Settling In

Finally things are returning to a bit of normalcy for me! I have my stuff settled in for the most part and have big plans ahead for Brytnee Anne Photography. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter so when it comes time to announce them you can see them first! Also, I am […]

Four-Legged Fun – Tecumseh, Oklahoma

Finally, I am all moved to Oklahoma! Sure…I still have some unpacking to do and my room isn’t EXACTLY arranged the way I want it to be but it’s a lot closer than it was yesterday. Shouldn’t be much longer until I’m all settled in :-). I appreciate everyone’s patience with me over the past […]

Waiting for the Sunshine

Okay, so apparently spring is NOT in the air. Not even remotely. It’s so cold as I type this I’m actually sitting under a heated blanket. Sure, I know it’s only February and we are still technically in winter, but it sure feels like this winter is never going to end. The good news is it WILL end, and then of course we’ll be complaining about it being too hot. We humans sure are hard to please, huh?

But when you see views like this, it’s hard to not long for the grass on the other side… | Summer Dreams

In the meantime we’ll have to make do with the snow and try to enjoy it the best we can. I see beautiful pictures of portraits in the snow but no one around here wants to get out in it – myself included! We’ve had several rounds of winter weather this week in Oklahoma, which started on Sunday when we had roughly 4 to 6 inches dropped in my area. Well, since I live off a county road and on a hill there’s no way we’d be able to get in and out of our drive way unless we dig it out each time we get snow. So, after it stopped snowing Sunday early afternoon we all went outside to dig ourselves out so we could get to school/work on Monday. That was the longest, coldest and yet most entertaining hour of my life. I took a snow/ice ball straight to the face, watched my dog run in circles eating the snow and tackled one of my brothers into the not-so-soft snow. It was great! | Winter Puppyland

And all the ice/snow is still around! We haven’t seen temperatures above freezing long enough to melt all the snow away. Bring on the sunshine! This girl needs her vitamin D!2014-02-05_0003

So, that’s how I spent my winter-y week; inside, extra blankets piled on top of me. At least so far the weather on Saturday’s has been fairly nice so I am able to make my long runs outside instead of on the treadmill (I hate running on the treadmill). I ran 6 miles again this past Saturday and a tractor passed me three times, I’m pretty sure he and the cattle he was feeding thought I was crazy. But I can’t let the winter weather get me down!

How do you handle weeks when the weather just doesn’t cooperate?

“Just because today is a terrible day, doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life…you just have to get there.”

-Pete Wentz

Is Spring in the Air?

It’s difficult to say isn’t it! Here in Oklahoma we’ve been going back and forth between BEAUTIFUL weather on the weekends and cold bitter weather on the weekdays. I don’t know about you all, but I’m a bit fed up with winter and am really ready to see longer days and warmer weather. I’ve never been a fan of winter, but this one has been especially long and rough.

I hope you’re all staying warm and catching the sun when you can!

Since it’s still so cold outside and the days still aren’t quite long enough it’s still pretty slow photography-wise for me. But luckily when the weather is nice I get to run outside and sometimes, when I’m really lucky I get to see views just like this one…

It’s not my best work, but in my defense I WAS running and my fingers were a little numb (that makes for a hard time getting an iPhone unlocked but it was still a great run!) But I think it shows exactly what’s so perfect about this world. You don’t have to have the perfect composition, or the best gear, or the most expensive photographer – it’s about capturing moments than mean something to you so you have a way to hold on to them forever. Sure, you will always have those memories in your head, but if you’re anything like me memories get a little fuzzy. But now, I’ll always be able to whip this picture out and say THIS day was the first time I ever ran six miles, and it was a glorious day.

Sure, it’s wonderful to pamper ourselves and have great photos taken of us, or buy that new fancy purse we’ve wanted for months or whatever it is that you indulge in – but at the end of the day the things that really make MY day great are moments just like that picture up there. And knowing that I wasn’t the only one who met a personal goal that day, I was one of hundreds of people running that morning at that same location – pretty powerful stuff.

I hope your January went well, mine has been exceptional…minus the back and forth cold weather. I’ve had great food, great company, and great accomplishments with my personal goals. Now to look forward to February, maybe I’ll get to bust out that chair my Dad and Rae got me as a surprise on one of their garage sell trips I can’t wait to use it! Any takers?  What about you, what are some things you’re looking forward to?

A Few Beautiful Weeks – Tecumseh, Okla

I don’t know what the weather has been like where ever you are reader, but here in Oklahoma we have had a few weeks of absolutely gorgeous weather. Here we are in January, and as I type this up it’s a wonderful 68 degrees outside. A girl couldn’t ask for more perfect weather in the winter! I especially couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather since these past two weekends have been VERY crazy and involved quite a bit of running outside.

On January 12, 2014 I ran my first 5K race. It was brutal. I don’t know if you’re a runner, but 5K isn’t that much – 3.1 miles. But there’s something completely different about running a race than just running. And it was wonderfully awful. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof. Note that I did not take these pictures, I wish I was amazing enough to run a race AND take pictures Those are skills I’ll be building in 2015 ;-).

mile 1crossing the finish lineoh boy...after I was done dying...

This was the Frost Ya’ Fanny 5K in Lawton, Okla. I ran it with my sister – who’s training for a marathon and my youngest brother who sits in front of  tv playing video games all the time. Look at the difference between my face and Sydnee’s as we cross the finish line. She clearly had a better time than I did, ha! But afterward the three of us joined up with my brother-in-law, Dad and step-mom and enjoyed some delicious steak at Texas Roadhouse (YUM!) Oh, I finished the race in 35:37, setting a personal record. It was a good day!

Then I went through a rather uneventful week at my other job and tried to be better about keeping up with my training. Or, the week was uneventful until Friday. One of my oldest and dearest friends gave birth to my first nephew – Andrew James a handsome young man with a full head of hair at 8 lbs flat and 19 inches I couldn’t be more proud! I can’t wait to hold him and give Emily the biggest hug. As soon as I heard he was in the world I went around the office showing him off, it was a wonderful end to my work week! And then I turned around and ran another 5K race that Saturday. It went MUCH better, and I didn’t feel like I was going to die at the finish line.the end is in site! top 500 finishers got a medal - I felt coolI apologize for how awful I look, but honestly it’s very difficult to look great after running a race. This was the Freeze Your Face-Off 5K in Oklahoma City. It was TONS of fun and I finished in 33:58 setting another PR. And yeah, I got a medal! Granted, it’s a finishers medal, but they only had 500 on hand for around 900 racers. I was very happy – especially when Sydnee told me I past a girl as I came up on the finish line (and then she sent me the picture of it). Then we grabbed dinner at On the Boarder ( YUM ) and headed to the Cox Convention Center to see the Oklahoma City Barons take on the Admirals – Sydnee and I had never attended a hockey game before. WOW! Is all I can really say.

Other than that it’s been a quiet January here in my little corner of the world. Photography season isn’t far off and I am so excited for the days to be longer and the weather to stay warm so I can really get back at it.

Now, before I leave you this week, I want to say I am not a health nut. I am a very lazy person who is working hard to break that habit. That’s why I’ve set a goal to run a half-marathon in the fall. And Monday was the first day of my training for it, I couldn’t be more excited and annoyed with it. I just want you to know that if you have a goal and you feel like you’re never going to reach it – whether it’s working out, photography, finding a job, painting, or any other number of goals you can set for yourself, I want you to know to NOT GIVE UP! When I first started running in October I couldn’t even run a tenth of a mile without having to walk. Now I’m passing my own prior records and adding miles to my training. Whatever your goal is, GO FOR IT! Feel free to add your goal in the comments section and I can cheer you on!

Keep Pushing

Keep Pushing

2013: Done and Gone


Hard to believe that we’re already a week and a half into 2014. I’m not sure where the time has gone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. I know I did! Lots of food and great times with good family. I had the opportunity to get some photos with some family, a very rare opportunity as we’re so rarely all together.


The weekend after Christmas my youngest brother, my sister, my brother-in-law and I all traveled to Texas to celebrate Christmas with my  Mom and her husband, Keith. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have heard of Keith and my Mom through Trucker Dog’s Facebook page – if you haven’t checked out her page yet I highly suggest it. She’s quite the pooch. Anyway, since this was out last time we’d all be in Elgin/Smithville together we went to see the Smithville memorial for all the brave men and women who have fought for our country. We also had a little impromptu photo shoot where I somehow got convinced to jump in one. Thankfully my friend Luis was along with us and was able to push the button :-). If you live in the Smithville, Bastrop, Elgin area and are needing a personal trainer for your New Year’s resolution check out Luis Bosch!Family | Family | brytneeannephotography.comFamily |

And now we’re on to 2014. New horizons in front of us. I am looking forward to a great year both personally and for my business. What are some things you’re looking forward to?